Premenstrual Syndrome.
   This is STARTED by some predictable neurohormonal imbalances. On the other hand, the individual woman's symptoms are very idiosyncratic, since the neurohormonal interplay CAN effect virtually any tissue. What it DOES effect is a matter of constitution, lifestyle, and the other collateral stresses of that PARTICULAR woman. The most common imbalance occurs when progesterone, the temporary hormone made by the post-ovulatory ovaries, is unable to sustain adequate levels for the "normal" 11-12 days. This is all an ornate adagio dance: when estrogen is the dominant hormone (from just after menses to ovulation), some of the cells effected by it are enabled to become progesterone sensitive. When progesterone is present and dominant (from ovulation to shortly before menses), some of the cells effected by it are then enabled to become estrogen-sensitive when IT comes around. There are always moderate sources of estrogen during the progesterone weeks, but healthy progesterone levels suppress their effect. If progesterone drops too early, these sources start to "show" before menses. Some functions are ALWAYS estrogen-sensitive...others need the normal length of progesterone stimulation to THEN become sensitive. A premenstrual estrogen rise will always cause an unbalanced constellation of effects. Progesterone helps prevent water retention, inflammation, blood sugar yo-yos and excess prolactin, while stimulating growth hormone and thyroid levels to maintain a generally anabolic-dominant metabolism. Withdraw it too early and you MAY get inflammatory and edemic and need an IV maple syrup drip, while prolactin rises and dopamine/adrenergic energy dominates. You might get migraines, increased cerebrospinal fluid pressure, feel variously aggressive, nervous, weepy/anxietous, or like an inflated pig bladder. It seems that, whatever your personal metabolic weakness, PMS will find it. PMS is an almost purely constitutional reaction, and holds an exciting potential wherein a woman can have a clear window for viewing her working strengths and weaknesses.
   DISCLAIMER: A guy is writing this.
   dis-DISCLAIMER: M.D. guys used to say it was all in your head, that you secretly were mourning an infertile month, that it made you unsuitable for a serious profession (like becoming an M.D. guy)...etc. after ugly etc.

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